Music Education at its Finest

About Mr. L 

Mr. LaMantia is a fully credentialed and certified Music Educator with the State of California.  He is qualified to teach any Orchestra or Band instrument, in addition to Voice.  He also has experience playing and teaching Jazz, Rock, and Folk Music in a number of styles and genres and on a number of instruments.  

This is merely the short list, as he will teach any instrument to any student. 


Mr. LaMantia received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ.  

After moving back home to Southern California, he received his teaching credential in K-12 music from Cal State University, Long Beach. 


“…A teacher’s philosophy is the most important part of their profession. It guides the curriculum, drives actions, and dictates [student] management policies.  

My philosophy is that teaching students is comprised of much more than simply communicating information to them and getting them to remember it. Teachers have a greater responsibility to their students than to just impart knowledge, and that responsibility is to guide them to the experiences which permanently codify their personality and world view.

This has the intended effect of transforming the students into responsible citizens, critical thinkers, and knowledgeable professionals in whatever field they choose to pursue. This can only be achieved by understanding that students are individual minds with individual needs and potentials, and thus they must be treated and taught as such…”
                                                                                  -From “Educator’s Duty” 
Contact Information 

If you are interested in setting up a time for a lesson, please contact me at jflpassion24@yahoo.com, or call me at home at (949) 642-2925