Tuition and Fees

 The standard rate is $36 per hour of lesson time.  For young children (ages 3-10), I recommend one ½ hour lesson per week.  For ages 10-13, I recommend one 45 minute lesson per week, and 13 and up can usually handle an hour lesson per week.  This is, of course, contingent on the student’s developmental ability to sit still and focus for the allotted time.

 There is one way to get a discount:  if you schedule and pay for at least 4 lessons in advance, then I will give you a $10 discount off every complete hour of lesson time booked.  This means that the average 4 week month will cost $104 (instead of $144) for an older student if you can plan ahead.

 All tuition must be paid either at the beginning of the lesson or before.  I do not give lessons “on credit” for payment at a future date.  If you are unable to pay for a lesson, then let me know and we can work something out.

 I understand that it is difficult to commit to me as a teacher without either meeting me or seeing me work with your student.  For that reason, I offer one lesson to every student at a trial rate of ½ the normal cost of the lesson.  This cannot be combined with the pre-booking discount.

 I accept personal checks and cash, and you will have a written and signed receipt issued for all payments.

Lesson Cancellation policy

 I require at least 24 hour notice for cancellations or rescheduling without fees.  Please do not assume that I have been notified until I confirm the cancellation or rescheduling (meaning you actually talk to me on the phone or I respond to your email).  I will always confirm cancellations. As long as your initial contact is at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time, I will not charge a fee.  Keep in mind that both emails and my answering machine have timestamps, so I will know when you called.  =)  Cancellation or rescheduling with less than 24 hour notice will result in a fee of ½ the cost of the lesson. 

 The moral of the story: please just let me know as soon as possible if your student isn’t able to make it to their lesson.  Your time is valuable to me, but my time is also valuable to me.

Transportation Concerns

 I can teach your lesson in my home if you wish.  However, if you prefer to have the lesson taught somewhere else, then transportation fees may apply.

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